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  Title: Report on Big Data and Health
  Author: International Bioethics Comimittee (IBC)
  Summary: Within the framework of its work programme for 2016-2017, the International Bioethics Committee of UNESCO (IBC) decided to address the topic of Big Data and health, including but not limited to the issues of autonomy, consent, data protection, governance, etc. At the 22nd (Ordinary) Session of the IBC in September 2015, the Committee established a Working Group to develop an initial reflection on this topic. The IBC Working Group, using email exchanges, started preparing a text on this reflection between October 2015 and May 2016. It also met in Cologne in May 2016 to refine the structure and content of its text. Based on this work, the IBC Working Group prepared a preliminary draft report which was discussed during its 23rd (Ordinary) Session in September 2016. As a follow-up to this discussion, the IBC Working Group started to revise the preliminary draft report between September and December 2016. The IBC Working Group met in Spain in March 2017 to further refine the text. A revised text in the form of a draft report was submitted to the IGBC, the IBC, and COMEST between May and June 2017 for comments. The draft report was then revised based on the comments received. The final draft of the report was further discussed and revised during the 24th (Ordinary) Session of the IBC, and was adopted by the Committee on 15 September 2017. This document does not pretend to be exhaustive and does not necessarily represent the views of the Member States of UNESCO.
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