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  Title: ETHICOMP 2010: The “backwards, forwards and sideways” changes of ICT
  Author: Mario Arias-Oliva, Terrell Ward Bynum, Simon Rogerson, Teresa Torres-Coronas
  Summary: As Alvin Toffler wrote “change is non-linear and can go backwards, forwards and sideways. ETHICOMP 2010 has the overall theme of “The backwards, forwards and sideways changes of ICT”. Society has changed dramatically over the last sixty years with the advent of ICT. Some ICTrelated changes have been good and have moved society forward, others were bad and caused harm, while some appear to have had no ethically relevant effect at all, simply moving us sideways. In developing and adding ICT, the ethical dimension must be considered so the potential positive, negative and neutral impacts on society, organisations and individuals can be understood and appropriate action taken.