UNESCO Privacy Chair

Book and journal selection

  Title: Advances in Artificial Intelligence for Privacy Protection and Security
  Author: Agusti Solanas & Antoni Martínez-Ballesté (Ed.)
  ISBN: 978-981-279-032-3
  Summary: This book aims to collect the most recent advances in artificial intelligence techniques (i.e. neural networks, fuzzy systems, multi-agent systems, genetic algorithms, image analysis, clustering, etc), which are applied to the protection of privacy and security. The symbiosis between these fields leads to a pool of invigorating ideas, which are explored in this book. On the one hand, individual privacy protection is a hot topic and must be addressed in order to guarantee the proper evolution of a modern society. On the other, security can invade individual privacy, especially after the appearance of new forms of terrorism. In this book, we analyze these problems from a new point of view.
  Remarks: Readership: Researchers, academics and graduate students in artificial intelligence, security and privacy. 350pp (approx.). Pub. date: Scheduled Summer 2009.