On the Need for Collaborative Research: Rationales and Examples

Marc Dacier
Symantec Research Labs


In this talk, I will briefly introduce Symantec Research Labs, its charter and the way it is organized. I will outline the reasons why we engage into a number of collaborative actions and the way we do it. In particular, I will present the WINE infrastructure (Worldwide Intelligence Network Environment) that we are making available to the academic community for experiment research purposes. WINE is a set very large datasets made of real world events collected on millions of machines in the world (see www.symantec.com/WINE for more). I will explain its content and how researchers can gain access to it. I will also provide a concrete example of the kind of innovative research that can be performed thanks to WINE by means of a recent rigorous and systematic study we carried out to assess the prevalence of 0-day attacks in the wild (some of these results had been presented at the ACM CCS conference in 2012).