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Wednesday 22 September

8:30 – Registration

9:30 - Opening Session.

Privacy-Preserving Protocols

10:00 - Coprivacy: towards a Theory of Sustainable Privacy. Josep Domingo-Ferrer

10:25 - Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage. Rob Hall and Stephen E. Fienberg

10:50 - Techniques for Content Subscription Anonymity with Distributed Brokers. Sasu Tarkoma and Christian Prehofer (*)

11:05 – Coffee Break

Tabular Data Protection I

11:25 - PRAM Optimization Using an Evolutionary Algorithm. Jordi Marés and Vicenç Torra (swap due to author requeriments)

11:50 - A Tool for Analyzing and Fixing Infeasible RCTA Instances. Jordi Castro and José A. González

12:15 - Branch-and-Cut versus Cut-and-Branch Algorithms for Cell Suppression. Juan-José Salazar-González

12:40 – Lunch

Tabular Data Protection II

14:45 - Data Swapping for Protecting Census Tables. Natalie Shlomo, Caroline Tudor and Paul Groom

15:10 - Eliminating Small Cells From Census Counts Tables: Some Considerations on Transition Probabilities. Sarah Giessing and Jörg Höhne

15:35 - Three Ways to Deal with a Set of Linked SBS Tables Using τ-argus. Peter-Paul de Wolf and Anco Hundepool

16:00 - Techniques for Using τ-Argus Modular on Sets of Linked Tables – SAS implementation. Katrin Schmidt and Sarah Giessing (*)

16:15 – Coffee Break

Synthetic Data

16:35 - Using Support Vector Machines for Generating Synthetic Datasets. Jörg Drechsler

17:00 - Synthetic Data for Small Area Estimation. Joseph W. Sakshaug and Trivellore E. Raghunathan

17:25 - Disclosure Risk of Synthetic Population Data with Application to EU-SILC 183. Matthias Templ and Andreas Alfons

17:50 - Synthetic Longitudinal Datasets. An Application of Sequential Regression and CART Models to German Business Data. Hans-Peter Hafner and Rainer Lenz (*)

Thursday 23 September

Microdata Protection I

9:00 - IPUMS-International Statistical Disclosure Controls: 159 Census Microdata

Samples In Dissemination, 100+ In Preparation. Robert McCaa, Steven Ruggles and Matt Sobek

9:25 - Uncertainty for Anonymity and 2-Dimensional Range Query Distortion. Spyros Sioutas, Emmanouil Magkos, Ioannis Karydis and Vassilios S. Verykios

9:50 - Privacy Disclosure Analysis and Control for 2D Contingency Tables Containing Inaccurate Data. Bing Liang, Kevin Chiew, Yingjiu Li and Yanjiang Yang (swap due to author requeriments)

10:15 - Multiplicative Noise Protocols. Anna Oganian

10:40 - Masking Micro Data with Stochastic Noise. Jörg Höhne and Julia Höninger (*)

10:55 - Coffee Break

Microdata Protection II

11:15 - Measurement Error and Statistical Disclosure Control. Natalie Shlomo

11:40 - Semantic Microaggregation for the Anonymization of Query Logs. Arnau Erola, Jordi Castellà-Roca, Guillermo Navarro-Arribas and Vicenç Torra

12:05 - Data Environment Analysis and the Key Variable Mapping System. Mark Elliot, Susan Lomax, Elaine Mackey and Kingsley Purdam

12:30 - Survey weights in statistical disclosure limitation. Satkartar K. Kinney and Alan F. Karr (*)

12:45 – Lunch

Differential Privacy

14:45 - Differential Privacy and The Risk-Utility Tradeoff for Multi-dimensional Contingency Tables. Stephen E. Fienberg, Alessandro Rinaldo and Xiaolin Yang

15:10 - Does Differential Privacy Protect Terry Gross’ Privacy? Khris Muralidhar and Rathindra Sarathy

15:35 - Some Additional Insights on Applying Differential Privacy for Numerical Data. Rathindra Sarathy and Krish Muralidhar

16:00 - How Can We Analyze Differentially Private Synthetic Datasets? Anne-Sophie Charest (*)

20.00: Concert, Gala Dinner (Taverna Trypas)

Friday 24 September

On-Line Databases and Remote Access

9:00 - Remote Data Access and the Risk of Disclosure from Linear Regression: An Empirical Study. Philipp Bleninger, Jörg Drechsler and Gerd Ronning

9:25 - The Microdata Analysis System at the U.S. Census Bureau. Jason Lucero and Laura Zayatz

9:50 - Establishing an Infrastructure for Remote Access to Microdata at Eurostat. Wolf Heinrich Reuter and Jean-Marc Museux

10:15 - Improvement of data access. The long way to remote data access in Germany. Maurice Brandt and Markus Zwick (*)

10:30 - Security of statistical databases as an element of an enterprise security architecture. Lukasz Slezak and Jaroslaw Butanowicz (*)

10:45 - Coffee Break


11:10 - Remote Access in Action: Comparison of Condentialised and Traditional Survival Analysis Outputs. Christine M. O'Keefe and Bronwyn Loong (**)


Legal Issues

11:25 - Strategies to Achieve SDC Harmonisation at European Level: Multiple Countries, Multiple files, Multiple Surveys. Daniela Ichim and Luisa Franconi

11:50 – Closing remarks

(*) - Short paper in CD proceedings
(**) - Short paper available on the web