February 18, 2024
'The great challenges of 2024 in business cybersecurity', round table with the participation of Prof. Josep Domingo Ferrer at Diari de Tarragona (February, 2024). Link (in Spanish)
November 28, 2023
Intervention by Prof. Josep Domingo Ferrer at TAC12 on privacy and cookies (November 2023). Direct link (in Catalan)
September 20, 2023
'Artificial intelligence: can we prevent algorithms from ruling our lives?', debate at the Institut d'Estudis Catalans with Prof. Josep Domingo Ferrer, as covered by Diari Ara (September, 2023). Link (in Catalan)
September 11, 2023
The international position of Catalan universities. Article by Prof. Josep Domingo Ferrer published in Diari Ara (September, 2023) Link (in Catalan)
September 06, 2023
It’s Official: Cars Are the Worst Product Category We Have Ever Reviewed for Privacy. Article from Mozilla Foundation (September, 2023) Link
August 31, 2023
Cybersecurity and ransomware attacks. Article by Prof. Josep Domingo Ferrer, published in the newspaper Diari de Tarragona (August 2023) Link (In Spanish)
July 21, 2023
Three problems that cannot wait for the independence. Article by Prof. Josep Domingo Ferrer, published in the newspaper ARA.cat (July 2023) Link (In Catalan)
July 12, 2023
Tax prep companies shared private taxpayer data with Google and Meta for years, congressional probe finds. CNN. (July, 2023) Link
July 10, 2023
Data Protection: European Commission adopts new adequacy decision for safe and trusted EU-US data flows. (July 2023) Link
June 05, 2023
Najeeb Jebreel and Prof. Josep Domingo-Ferrer win the Best Paper Award in The Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (PAKDD) Osaka, Japan (June 2023) Link (In Catalan)
May 23, 2023
Leaked Government Document Shows Spain Wants to Ban End-to-End Encryption (May 2023) Link
May 22, 2023
Historic million-dollar fine to Meta: 1,200 million euros for breaking European privacy regulations (May 2023) Link
May 03, 2023
The implementation of a new privacy protection method used for the US Census is unnecessary and harmful. Article with Prof. Josep Domingo-Ferrer and Prof. David Sánchez at URVactiv@. (May 2023) Link (In Catalan)
April 07, 2023
The dark web: Where drug markets and child porn coincide with human rights activists. Article with the participation of Prof. Josep Domingo-Ferrer at VilaWeb news portal. (April 2023) Link (In Catalan)
March 10, 2023
How to protect ourselves on the Internet? Interview to Prof. Josep Domingo-Ferrer on TAC12 TV. (March 2023) Link (in Catalan)
March 06, 2023
Ransomware attack on Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. Prof. Josep Domingo-Ferrer's intervention at TV3's news (March 2023) From minute 6:45 to 8:02 Link
February 24, 2023
Report 1 year of war – Cyberattacks section. Interview with Prof. Josep Domingo-Ferrer in El Quiosc, Radio l'Hospitalet de l'Infant. (February 2023). From minute 12:00 Link (in Catalan)
August 20, 2022
"When the spy is in your home". Interview to Prof. Josep Domingo-Ferrer, published on newspaper La Vanguardia. (August, 2022). Link (in Spanish)
July 06, 2022
"EU lawmakers pass landmark tech rules, but enforcement a worry". Article written by Foo Yun Chee, published on Reuters' website (July, 2022). Link
May 31, 2022
"Catalangate: Democracy under surveillance". Participation of Prof. Josep Domingo Ferrer in panel discussion organised by Òmnium at the Palau de Congressos de Tarragona. (May, 2022). Link (in Catalan)