October 14, 2021
"What are ransomware attacks?". Article by Prof. Josep Domingo Ferrer, published on digital newspaper ARA.cat (October, 2021). Link (in Catalan)
October 11, 2021
"A cyber attack disables the UAB digital services and forces to cancel some lectures". Article published on digital newsletter Vilaweb (October, 2021). Link (in Catalan)
September 18, 2021
"The Facebook Files". Opinion article published on The Wall Street Journal (September, 2021). Link
August 20, 2021
"Princeton University says it knows Apple’s CSAM system is dangerous – because it built one". Opinion article by Ben Loejoy published on digital newsletter 9to5Mac (August, 2021). Link
August 13, 2021
"Partnership against Cybercrime". Article published on the World economic forum (November, 2020). Link
July 15, 2021
URV will participate in the most important AI and big data research infrastructure in Europe: SoBigData has been selected by ESFRI, the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures, to be part of the Roadmap 2021 Link (in Catalan)
July 12, 2021
"Parliament adopts temporary rules to detect child sexual abuse online". Article by Polona Tedesko, published on the European Parliament News section (July, 2021). Link
July 04, 2021
"The Mobile, innovation and the extractive elite". Opinion article by Prof. Josep Domingo-Ferrer, published on digital newspaper Ara.cat (July, 2021). Link (in Catalan)
July 01, 2021
"The Limits of Differential Privacy (and Its Misuse in Data Release and Machine Learning)". Article written by Josep Domingo-Ferrer, David Sánchez, and Alberto Blanco-Justicia, published on Communications of the ACM Magazine (July, 2021). Link
June 30, 2021
"Artificial Intelligence Applied to Facial Recognition. Main Risks to Privacy". Panel discussion in which Prof. Josep Domingo Ferrer will take part, Mobile-4YFN (June, 2021). Link
June 07, 2021
"Leveraging European Union's competitiveness and global influence through an ambitious Digital Services Package". Article written by the Council of the European Union (May, 2021). Link
June 02, 2021
"Invitation to CYBERCAT to participate in special R+D+i". Article where Prof. Josep Domingo Ferrer is mentioned, published on SIC magazine (June, 2021). Link (in Spanish)
May 08, 2021
New safety section in Google Play will give transparency into how apps use data. Article posted by Suzanne Frey on Android Developers Blog (May, 2021). Link
April 26, 2021
Proposal for a Regulation laying down harmonised rules on artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Act). Published by the European Commission (April, 2021). Link
April 10, 2021
"Colonies on Mars? Floating cities? Silicon Valley magnates design a (tailor-made) future". Opinion article where Prof. Josep Domingo Ferrer is mentioned, published at El Periódico (April, 2021). Link (in Catalan)
April 08, 2021
500 million LinkedIn users' data is for sale on a hacker site. Article by Clare Duffy published on digital newspaper CNN Business (April, 2021). Link
March 30, 2021
Privacy and Ads in Chrome are about to become flocing complicated. Article published by Dieter Bohn on digital newsletter The Verge (March, 2021). Link
March 21, 2021
Ethics and cybersecurity: a fragile balance. Opinion article by Prof. Josep-Domingo Ferrer published on digital newspaper ARA.cat (March, 2021). Link (in Catalan)
February 22, 2021
WhatsApp: Everything You Need to Know About the Controversial Privacy Policy Update. Article by Jagmeet Singh published on digital newspaper Gadgets 360º (February, 2021). Link
February 15, 2021
Technological sovereignty after Trump and Xi. Opinion article by Prof. Josep-Domingo Ferrer published on digital newspaper ARA.cat (February, 2021). Link (in Catalan)