March 02, 2019
Facebook’s global lobbying against data privacy laws. Social network targeted legislators around the world, promising or threatening to withhold investment. (March, 2019). Link
March 02, 2019
Here are the data brokers quietly buying and selling your personal information. Link
February 28, 2019
2018: A Big Year for Privacy. Link
February 25, 2019
Artificial Intelligence owes us an explanation. Opinion article by Prof. Josep Domingo Ferrer, published at Diari de Tarragona, 25th February, 2019. Link (in Catalan)
February 18, 2019
Facebook labelled 'digital gangsters' by report on fake news. Article published at the (February, 2019). Link
January 24, 2019
Amazon is pushing facial technology that a study says could be biased. In new tests, Amazon’s system had more difficulty identifying the gender of female and darker-skinned faces than similar services from IBM and Microsoft. (January, 2019). Link
December 28, 2018
The Catalan Government criticizes the annulment of part of the Law of the Cybersecurity Agency (December, 2018). Published at El Dia newspaper. Link (in Catalan)
December 20, 2018
URV coordinates a European project based on guaranteeing security in the Cloud (December, 2018). Diari de Tarragona COPE El Confidencial El Diario El Diario Vasco Diari Mes de Tarragona Tarragona Empresarial Diario Tecnología Diario La Razón Diari Digital URV
December 19, 2018
Facebook gave Netflix, Spotify, others heaps of user data, report says. One search engine got access to the names of all Facebook users' friends without their consent, according to documents reviewed by The New York Times. Article published at the digital newspaper CNET (December, 2018). Link
November 24, 2018
Tarragona needs more mathematicians. Opinion article published in Diari de Tarragona, in which Porf. Josep Domingo Ferrer is mentioned (Novemeber, 2018). Link (in Spanish)
November 18, 2018
Civil rights group says Oracles, Tapads and Experians get let off for wanton info-sucking. 'Lesser-known' names escape public scrutiny, claims Privacy International. (November, 2018). Link
November 17, 2018
Cybersecurity: Paris Call of 12 November 2018 for Trust and Security in Cyberspace (November, 2018). Link
July 16, 2018
The Unlinkable Data Challenge: Advancing Methods in Differential Privacy. Proposal of a mechanism to enable the protection of personally identifiable information while maintaining a dataset's utility for analysis. (July, 2018). Link
July 16, 2018
A 'hole' in Movistar's security leaves customers' information uncovered. The company admits that names, addresses and billing have been published, but does not specify how many customers. (July, 2018). Link (in Catalan)
June 21, 2018
Cybersecurity: Why this Spanish region has just created a new research center Amid recent political upheaval, Catalonia in northeastern Spain is bringing together its security initiatives. Article published in ZD digital newspaper. (June, 2018) Link
May 27, 2018
'The computer engineer on wheels'. Interview to Prof Josep Domingo Ferrer, Diari Tarragona (May, 2018). Link (in Catalan)
May 26, 2018
'If you want to hold a safe converstion, have it face-to-face, leave your phone'. Interview to Prof Josep Domingo Ferrer, Diari La República (May, 2018). Link (in Catalan)
May 17, 2018
'Anyone who controls Telegram and Whatsapp servers can have access to users' conversations'. Interview to Professor Josep Domingo Ferrer. (January, 2018). VilaWeb (in Catalan)
May 15, 2018
Cybercat and cybersecurity research. Opinion article by Prof. Josep Domingo Ferrer, Diari de Tarragona. (May, 2018) Link (in Catalan)
May 14, 2018
Robots, artificial intelligence and economy. Opinion article by Prof. Josep Domingo Ferrer (May, 2018). Link (in Catalan)