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June 28, 2015
We’re Losing the Cyber War. Link
June 05, 2015
Edward Snowden: The World Says No to Surveillance. Link
March 24, 2015
Facebook data privacy case to be heard before European Union court. Link
March 04, 2015
Blackphone: can a mobile ever truly be hack-proof? Link
February 19, 2015
NSA, British spies hack Gemalto to tap mobile calls - Intercept. Link
February 13, 2015
Obama seeks cibersecurity alliance with tech companies. Link
February 07, 2015
UK-US surveillance regime was unlawful ‘for seven years’. Link
February 07, 2015
Obama's surveillance struggle: selling 'weak reforms' to Congress (and Merkel). Link
January 28, 2015
Today, countries all over the world are recognizing Data Privacy Day. Link
January 14, 2015
The Code We Can’t Control. Link
January 14, 2015
Euro security agency says MORE crypto needed in gov policy. Link
November 06, 2014
WhatsApp has a new blue tick to show when someone has read your message. [Link]
November 04, 2014
Electronic Frontier Foundation releases security comparison of messaging applications. [Link]
October 21, 2014
The Dark Market for Personal Data. [Link]
September 26, 2014
The European Data Protection Supervisor launches the IPEN initiative.
September 08, 2014
Data Brokers: the big private information business. [PDF in Spanish]
September 01, 2014
Apple denies iCloud/Find my iPhone breach, says ‘very targeted attack’ hit certain celebrities. [Link]