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September 25, 2016
Switzerland votes in favour of greater surveillance. Link
August 25, 2016
WhatsApp to give users' phone numbers to Facebook for targeted ads. Link
July 24, 2016
Russia’s State Duma just approved some of the most repressive laws in post-Soviet history. Link
May 02, 2016
Australian Craig Wright claims to be Bitcoin creator. Link
April 14, 2016
La UE crea el registre de passatgers. Enllaç
April 04, 2016
WhatsApp rolls out full encryption to a billion messenger users. Link
March 01, 2016
Cryptography Pioneers Win Turing Award. Link
February 28, 2016
Tim Cook Refuses To Comply With "Chilling" Government Demand To "Build A Backdoor" Into iPhone. Enllaç
February 14, 2016
Key takeaways on mobile apps and privacy. Link
February 02, 2016
EU Commission and United States agree on new framework for transatlantic data flows: EU-US Privacy Shield. Link
November 19, 2015
A call for transparency, user control, data protection by design and accountability. Link
November 10, 2015
Key takeaways on mobile apps and privacy. Link
November 07, 2015
EU wants more reporting by firms of U.S. requests for data. Link
October 23, 2015
TalkTalk cyber-attack: Website hit by 'significant' breach. Link
October 06, 2015
European court rules 'Safe Harbour' treaty that saw Facebook hand over user data to US is invalid, after challenge by student. Link
September 03, 2015
Extent of data breaches in pharmaceutical sector revealed. Link
September 01, 2015
Big Data and Smart Devices and Their Impact on Privacy. Link
June 28, 2015
We’re Losing the Cyber War. Link
June 05, 2015
Edward Snowden: The World Says No to Surveillance. Link