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June 17, 2014
UK intelligence forced to reveal secret policy for mass surveillance of residents’ Facebook and Google use. [Link]
May 30, 2014
Google sets up 'right to be forgotten' form after EU ruling. [Link]
May 13, 2014
EU court backs 'right to be forgotten' in Google case. [Link]
April 28, 2014
Microsoft issues warning to consumers over a weakness in Internet Explorer which hackers could exploit. [Link]
April 24, 2014
Internet governance to be debated at the Net Mundial conference in Brazil. [Link]
April 24, 2014
The conference SSN 2014 is held from the 24th to the 26th of April in Barcelona. [Link]
March 21, 2014
Twitter website 'blocked' in Turkey. [Link]
March 20, 2014
Revelations by Snowden damage U.S. tech industry. [Link]
March 19, 2014
As China squeezes Bitcoin, Hong Kong bets big. [Link]
March 15, 2014
National insecurity. [Link in Catalan]
March 13, 2014
Who defends Catalonia on Internet?. [Link in Catalan]
March 11, 2014
The Future of Internet Freedom. [Link]
February 25, 2014
Bitcoin Scrutinized After Mt. Gox Downfall. [Link]
February 12, 2014
A newly adopted Communication on "Internet Policy and Governance: Europe's role in shaping the future of Internet Governance". [Link]
February 07, 2014
The proceedings for the Annual Privacy Forum 2012 have been published. [Link]
January 24, 2014
An Open Letter from US Researchers in Cryptography and Information Security. [Link]